The first haven for the Vinthur came from the earth, and they have never abandoned it. Though they were unafraid to embrace technology, the Vinthur always maintained their ties with their home. Starting in caves, the Vinthur became excellent miners and excavators, developing vast underground cities. Even when energy systems were discovered and developed, they were engineered to work in conjunction with the caves. For this reason, steam and geothermal energy were the mainstay as far as power to the Vinthur.
Pushing beyond the rock and into the wetlands, the Vinthur became excellent hunters and foragers, making sure never to take more than what they needed and using whatever they took to the utmost. Technology developed stride-for-stride right alongside their knowledge of what nature could provide, and many of the Vinthur came to live in the trees with the help and support of those that remained subterranean. To this day, Vinthur herbalists and healers can often cure what healing pods can barely diagnose and the secrets that the Vinthur have uncovered, leading to their desire to study MannA, are still considered timeless.
When the BroSohnti first came to K’Dalki, they were immediately turned back by the Vinthur who knew they were coming, and further knew the BroSohnti could not be trusted. According to Vinthur journals, it was an event witnessed by a young female who could look upon the stars and see into the future. Though their first encounter fell to favor the Vinthur, the same could not be said for the BroSohnti landings that followed.
Pound for pound, the Vinthur were better fighters, but they did not have adequate armour or weaponry to maintain a sustained effort. The tree-dwelling Vinthur used what they had gained from their study of nature and the elements, but it was only a holding measure, and the Vinthur were forced from their homelands, following the same young female who had predicted the coming of the interplanetary raiders. She led them from their trees and their caves, across the vast oceans to another continent where the Vinthur found the Malgovi also locked in a fight for their lives.
Vinthur skill mixed well with Malgovi technology, and it first appeared that the BroSohnti were going to be undone. Then the young female spoke again, warning that the numbers that both races had faced were just the forward group of the BroSohnti Armada.
The Vinthur fought to hold the last of the Malgovi cities while their gray and blue-skinned brethren built incredible spacecraft; hundreds of fast and formidable ships which liberated the remains of both races from K’Dalki. The young seer opted not to board any of the ships, and warned her brethren against trusting the Malgovi too much. “We have saved them using their own weapons in ways they could not… we will have to do so again! Take to this path, my people, I must walk another trek. When I see my people again, our deliverance will be at hand!”

The Vinthur became the militia for the Malgovi, keeping the peace aboard the gigantic ships and protecting them from BroSohnti scouts. For ages, the two races wandered through the Void. They did not always find bright and shining stars lighting and warming their way… but they survived and in keeping with the seer’s wishes they agreed when the Malgovi suggested that the people remain unified in their objectives but separate in all other matters.

When the K’Dalkian System was discovered, another seer had been born to the Vinthur, but he kept his gifts secret from everyone. When the BroSohnti discovered the new home of the Vinthur and Malgovi, the gifted Vinthur had positioned himself in a place of influence and demanded that the Malgovi and the Vinthur stand and fight. When the smoke finally cleared, the unified people stood victorious and free, for the moment. As the Malgovi took to EnerJa, some of the Vinthur took to MannA; others remained with the Stars and waited for their counsel. As time passed, their numbers became fewer until they were nothing more than shadows, easily overlooked and altogether forgotten. Still they remained!
Disciples of integrity &nature, the Vinthur labor on in the name of the Stars!