In the days of their homeworld K’Dalki, the Malgovi were a thriving people numbering well over one billion. Despite their masses, they only covered only about one-third of their super-giant planet. Malgovi science had solved the riddle of nuclear power, making it completely safe and free from the threat of radiation poisoning.

They were about to embark on inner-space exploration when the BroSohnti arrived. Greeted with open arms, the interplanetary raiders responded to Malgovi courtesy with anguish and destruction, nearly annihilating one-third of the race in its first attack. Scattered and terrified, the Malgovi fled from the lands they had called home. It was then that they encountered the Vinthur. Also indigenous to K’Dalki, the two races discovered they had one other thing in common: the BroSohnti Armada!
Alone, the Malgovi forces could do little against the raiders. Their weapons were powerful, but they had almost no practical experience. The Vinthur, however, were adept at combat, and they took up Malgovi arms and were able to push back against the onslaught. As their planetary brothers tried to hold fortifications, the Malgovi applied their intellect to the captured technologies of the BroSohnti. It became apparent that the differences between outer space travel and underwater exploration were few, and ships were quickly crafted. While the Vinthur wanted to make warships, the Malgovi refused and engineered escape craft. The exodus from everything they had come to call home was initiated, and the remains of both races boarded the ships. With each mega-ship calling for a crew of 5,575 and carrying 875,000 passengers each, 312 spacecraft left from K’Dalki… 301 escaped the star-system.
Again Malgovi technology set itself apart as the Malgovi mega-ships outran the BroSohnti pursuers and the Malgovi went about the business of seeing to their race as best they could. For centuries they drifted through the Void. It was discovered that the adaptive ability of the Malgovi could be trained to allow them to survive long-term exposure to Outer Space. Mobile platforms were built as the mega-ships were converted to exploration and warships. Some of those ships, with new stealth capability, were sent to keep an eye on the BroSohnti who were still giving chase.
When it was believed that the BroSohnti had finally given up the chase, the Malgovi and the Vinthur founded the K’Dalkian System. It was an easy feat to adapt the environments of the larger planets to support life. It was when the Malgovi had put down strong roots, when their number was just over 500 million, that the BroSohnti were seen approaching. This time, this last time, the Malgovi would not take to running. They would either fight or die, but they would not leave their new homeworld.
The time in the Void had taught the Malgovi many things, and they had even learned how to talk to the Stars, but there was still fear in the thought of facing the BroSohnti.
There was also, however, a sense of pride coupled with a passion for life! The Malgovi would not be undone, nor would they take to running again. They were not the same people who had been forced to flee from K’Dalki. With the skills and powers they had gained over the ages, the Malgovi stood their ground and defeated the BroSohnti, wiping their existence from the Stars!

In the wake of their victory, the Malgovi left the K’Dalkian system, settling on the neighboring star system they would come to call Deku. It was then that the two races, forced to live and work together for so long, returned to their individual cultures. Not much had changed with the Vinthur, but the experience with the BroSohnti had forced the Malgovi to evolve, bringing to them the discovery of iro! Becoming Stars themselves, the Malgovi set forth on a new quest: to find a new place in the Void; not one of a physical sort, but a place in the hierarchy of life!
Paragons of intellect and fortitude, the Malgovi stand apart!