Tanku a measure of time, equivalent to one second.

Terran the name given to humans no matter to which sub-tribe they might belong. When the term is applied to describe the race of an individual, either their true race is not known or they are simply being lumped together.

ThoughtWIll the work unit of energized thought. Properly applied, it enables telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, etc.

Tohgrunn - a reptilian-hominid race, normally conditioned for combat. They are expansionists and usually go on raiding parties for technology and scientists.

Tonki 60 tanku.

Tram a unit of measure regarding distance. It is equal to one meter.

Vek (Vinthur) a canine bred for hunting and/or combat.

Vestra the direction West.

Vinthur [VIN-ther] yellow skinned hominoids who at one time shared the same homeworld with the Malgovi, until they too were forced to flee by the BroSohnti. Since the time of The Founders, a few of the Vinthur are born with an innate sense of MannA manipulation. They hold no prejudice or perspective over those born without the gift. Though they make excellent explorers, Vinthur prefer nature over technology.

Vitaception the sense of life which is responsible for the generation of the senses of sight, sound, taste, touch, hearing, thought, etc.

Vohlterran the race of life indigenous to the Inner Rim. Coming extremely close to resembling Earth Terrans, it has been questioned more than once if Earth Terrans are what became of the Talnuri, or the Gray Tribe.

Void the name the Malgovi and the Vinthur have given to Outer Space.

Xaxx [Zacks] (Vinthur) if Ky'Zhanbior is heaven, surely Xaxx is hell. There are types of Castors who are able to commune with spirits locked away in the Lifeless Realm.
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