Octi-star – a week in the Malgovi calendar. Consists of 8 star-terms. 4 octi-stars make a hendeca-term.

Old Earth – a reference to the time when Terrans (humans) were last on the planet Earth and thriving; ranging from the twenty-first to the thirty-first centuries.

Olig – meaning 1,000. It is normally used as a prefix to another word (i.e. olig-tram = 1,000 trams)

Orbi-term – one year on the Malgovi calendar. 8 star-terms is an octi-star. 4 octi-stars make a hendeca-term and 11 hendeca-terms make an orbi-term.

Orov – gigantic creatures that feed on ambient energy to sustain themselves. Often taken for slow, they are surprisingly agile though not necessarily as strong as they might look.

Pharos – (Malgovi) a beacon or boundary marker.

Prel’Dethiak – six-armed hominoids known for their gifts with the illusory sciences. They tend to be very emotional, though they can be reasoned with from time to time.

Quadrinial – seasonal. The Malgovi orbi-term has four seasons.

Radient – sentient energy taking humanoid form. They were created by Arrjeeh and Elder before they departed The Campus.
Sastra Region – a continent on the planet Threm. It is located near the center of the fourth quadrant and it is where the megacity of TehShagu is located.

Savanté – a secret society comprised of Malgovi and Vinthur who make up most of their number. They are masters of ThoughtWill and hold secret the knowledge of The Campus and the teachers of the true Founders.

Shay-Dorra – (Malgovi) in Malgovi culture, the resting place for wayward, worthless, and destructive souls. Hell, as opposed to Driahdré’s heaven.

Slide-sled – a common and simple vehicle in Malgovi technology. It generates a low-level anti-gravity field to keep it nearly without any mass, and propulsion units push it along the surface. They are fairly fast vehicles and with some fine-tuning, they can even break the speed of sound.

Soxia – [SEW-zee-ah] the direction of South.

Stars – from the Vinthur perspective, they are sentient, living creatures, existing in many dimensions simultaneously. The Malgovi were at one time in full agreement with this perspective. Over time, however, it is practiced less and less.

Star-term – a day. 30 s’tonki.

Star-walk – to move in a zero-gravity environment. Basic Training for a member of the Mal-Vin Militia.

S’tonki – the equivalent of an hour or 60 tonki.

Stride – a means by which a practitioner can detect the seams of Time & Space. The Star-Stride enables one to move at nearly blinding speed. The Jump-Stride allows the practitioner to fold space, effectively teleporting incredible distances.
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