Warlon Thrydias – (Terran) a WiZarD who was in the possession of the Living Crystal Rod before it was taken from him by Dungias.

Warseth, MarrZo Falo – (Malgovi) Duke of Sastra and a very loyal follower of the throne though not for honorable reasons. He has a strong distaste for all things Vinthur.

Wesley K’Tees – (Truebreed) Student of Ethadior; ElementalisT.

Wenzori – (Vinthur) the first Mind Castor called upon to breach the mind of Nugar.

Willis Dereek Siekor – (Vohlbred) a hand on the Akonsha Star. Easily a Spec Forces candidate; a good shot and a better pilot.

Xaythra – (Entity) the culmination of the entities Aquila, who is Water incarnate, and Gravity.

Y’Taria – (Vinthur) a fledgling Traveler, but very capable and well-noted among her colleagues.

Yorduff – (Terran) Guardian to the Caster Vobis Slonn.

Yulshal – (Darkbred) a wolf-rider from moon of Minstrel. His wolf is Xanu.

Zarrak, Adgurso Gan – (Malgovi) the youngest child of the House Adgurso and related to Duke MarrZo Falo Warseth.

Zurkor Krensteele – (Terran) a high-ranking officer in the Black Assassins and the one generally assigned whenever Freund calls on that organization. A talented pilot and a devoted member of the BA Guild.

Zydeelia Hana Torvo-Gundryss – (Vuhlterran) the wife of Isaiah Gundryss; she walked away from the Imperial Torvo Family in order to be with him. Their love cost him a place among the IA Magistrates and her place in her family.
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