Ukara Brianne Curzakiov – (Vohlterran) Daughter of Neldrynn, blood of the Tempest. Gifted with MannA, she has studied to become a Mech-Mage. Her familiar is a living machine she calls Tonka.

Ulla – (Vinthur) Emissary of the Castor Guild to the Vinthur K’Dalkian Council.

Ushava Tentra – (Athun) considered a demi-goddess, she is the chieftain of the Alrabri Tribe.

Valwonn Saldidrious Primuson – (Vohlterran) the 3rd son and 5th child of the Emperor.

Vatere – (Terran) orphan of the Onyx Barony.

Vaysh – (*) a Nitahlian Warrior, born to the craft.

Vaythan Wurn – (Terran) taught JoJo how to be a pirate. Was trained by B’Zolo, a Korsathian Pirate dame. (aka: Scimitar)

Vazuar, G’Brullkay – (Malgovi) the first contestant in the Iro-Games that Gantee faces.

Vekruv T’Passio – (Vohlbred) protégé Mage to Gulfrim.

Vilov Dakkrun – (Darkbred) a well-known high-end material fence that sometimes operates in the Ziere System. He has major connections with a number of guilds.

Virgil – (Terran) the constant companion of the Legerian. He is a clone but steps are being taken to where he can pass for originally-born human.

Vlosoro – (Vinthur) the Shadow Corps Vinthur-Leader. A very gifted spellcaster who sought the secret of the MaGem.

Vobis Slonn – (Vohlbred) a young but gifted Wizard.

Voko – (Vinthur) Team Lead of Starfire and a very trusted member of the Dwanstar Battle Group. A student of the Stride, he is surpassed in skill only by Guyn.

Vornessa – (Terran) the Councilwoman at Black Gate for the Crystal Barony.

Vradara, Blaxidurn Gan – (Malgovi) the clone of Vradwynn. She is not as quick to anger but she has upped the family amplitude ability considerably.

Vradwynn – (Malgovi) the shay-spawn brother of Kinjass. He is abandoned by his family but not before they take a sample of his dna to develop an iro-empowered clone.

Vriena, Forlen Niora – (Malgovi) a young lady of means who has her procession halted by Dungias.

Vynko Terradan – (Terran) a clone brother of Jocasta; an AcrobaT/Marksman who is a specialist assassin.
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