S’Vrili Thakkelwing – (Fazbred) a well-trained Witch and a member of the Affiliation. Her talisman is a bone necklace with a frontal black metal dragon’s head. (aka - Desert Witch)

Sai-Eg – (Entity) SEE Berylon

Salvigaron Beltrav – (Malgovi) Savanté Boniface (Master/Leader) who resides in the imperial palace and is the keeper of the most sacred secrets.

Saru – (Vinthur) Nugar’s Granddaughter and a true-believer in the ancient ways of her people. She is especially talented with the care of plants, herbs, and the healing arts.

Satithe – (Entity) a sentient super computer built by Dungias.

Sere – (Entity) [pronounced sair] the Grandmaster of the Maior Nathu who was expected to name Nomed as his successor. He died trying to save the Earth.

Shanvah Qirlee – (Terran) a Truebreed Chevalierra and an attendant of Gregoran who is very eager to make her mark.

Shuronne Jassity – (Terran) a Vohlterran Chevalierra who is the senior of Gregoran’s attendants. She has seen power exercised in many ways with incredible outcomes.

Silnee – (Darkbred) a student of Maxworth’s math and a pilot. Crew name: Tolip.

Silnouria Gassio – (Vohlbred) the Madam of Euphoria Palace who wants to be Governor of Black Gate.

SonBa, Galvasti Thuun – (Malgovi) the First Prince of the Malgovi Empire. An Ishok (Grand Champion) of the Iro-Games, he is very dutiful to the throne.

Sordidia – (Malgovi) an assassin, trained by a would-be retired Malgovi Exemplar. The ‘S’ of Satithe.

Sryla, Galvasti Thuun – (Malgovi) the First Princess of the Malgovi Empire and heir to the throne.

Stewart James Campbell – (Terran) born on Earth and a participant in the great migration, Neve uses his body to survive the transition from Earth to The Rims.

Stydonn – (Terran) Master of the Affiliation.

Survaysi Graham – (Terran) a Truebreed female who is the Second of Five and the supreme commander of Xaythra’s military forces.

Sylundaree – (Malgovi) the Star Chaser responsible for coming to the Rims and summoning Zeu Rex to assist the Mal-Vin.

Synh Dayami – (Terran) though not Samurai, he is part of a movement of Old Earth Humans who try to maintain their homeworld culture. Crew name: Silk.

Taas – (*) a female Kwilek. An entrepreneur by any other name would still be a pirate. She came to the Astral Realm by way of accident, but she was linked to her first find (SEE: Ray-Ray)

Talkurra – (Vinthur) in the eyes of the K’Dalkian Council, she is the Grand Mistress Traveler and only one of three Travelers older than Nugar.

Teela Mansfield – (Terran) college student and Daughter of the Pearl Barony.

Teesh – (Malgovi) an assassin, trained by a would-be retired Malgovi Exemplar. The first ‘T’ of Satithe.

Tehdi – (Terran) a gifted fence-man; contact of Nulaki's.

Teyan – (Terran) Student of Ethadior; WizarD.

Thanneus – (Truebreed) an extremely loyal and thorough Sharp Shootist; owes his life to his employer.

Thashurd – (Truebreed) Northern Temple Chevalier.

Thomasine “Thom” Culdarera – (Terran) leader of the Warrants, a street-thug group in Oasis City.

Thuranos, Goufay – (Malgovi) a construction worker who discovers Dungias when the young Traveler is out and about before the Iro-Games.

Tolarra Nyss – (Entity) called Star Lark by Chiaro, she is the progeny of the Light Priest consigned to guarding Freund in the case that Isse ever leaves.

Trontusse – (Malgovi) an assassin, trained by a would-be retired Malgovi Exemplar. The second ‘T’ of Satithe.

TrenGal Primuson – (Vohlterran) Emperor and the Voice of the Inner Rim.

Turo, S’Goorda – (Malgovi) Sub-Officer to Narwyss and Academy graduate. Like many of the militia, he is shay-spawn, but Narwyss does not see him as deficient and trusts his skills and advice.

Tynaum Wilason Krensteele – (Vohlbred) a young commander within the ranks of the Black Assassins. He is a Soul-Fighter, following in the footsteps of Alphexeous himself.
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