Obanyo “Scamps” Kessiter – (Vohlbred) a friend of Thom’s. Self-made locksmith and tinkerer of tech.

Olkin – (Terran) the oldest of the Maxworth Contingent. Crew name: Cupid.

Olreye Seaton – (Terran) young, but a veteran spacer. Crew name: Sonar.

Onkorro – (Vinthur) Point Man for Starfire. Uses humor to cope with danger which makes him hilarious most of the time. Despite his flippancy, he is more than reliable and Guyn’s best marksman.

Ophani Cavidon – (Vohlbred) a Sergeant and deserter of the Imperial Army. Kraygull’s older sister.

Orvo, Sythee Tel – (Malgovi) in his first year of eligibility, he is a capable and incredibly quick contestant of the Iro-Games.

Persephone Alyssa Endigun – (Truebreed) clone-set sister of Jocasta.

Phizon, Maltreece – (Malgovi) one of the older Savanté members and pretty full of himself.

Pristacia Tani Framm – (Terran) Crew name: Princess.

Prymba, Welgrenn Zalla – (Malgovi) Chief Medical Officer for the Dwanstar Battle Group and a very trusted friend of Narwyss.

Puranzior – (Vinthur) a student of Isak’s, an Elemental Castor who also engages in Sorcery.

Qalrung Zaylo – (Tohgrunn) Captain of the Kiaplyx and scavenger of the Astral Realm.

Qeldrun O’Zhar – (Vohlbred) a Professor of Archaeology at Atsildylweer College. An EnervationisT of some skill, and a man of mystery.

Quantil – (Darkbred) Student of Ethadior, witch.

Rahneece Gola K’Saar – (Soborbred) child of a Soboree Father and Terran Mother; on the run from her father’s people. Crew name: Star.

Ray-Ray – (Entity) a shape-changing Liquid Metal bio-form linked to the consciousness of Taas and able to assume various forms, all while keeping Taas safe and sound inside its shell. (SEE Kiason)

Rebanya Heather Dunn – (Darkbred) a Shootist, called a Facilitator, a nice name for a registered mercenary in very good standing with the Magistrates.

Renaldo – (Terran) a very old RoguE and now a Master of Chambers for an estate owned by the Affiliation and a valuable resource in Freund’s network.

Ruukar Jandoro – (Pazibred) the top of the right-hand henchmen for the Governor of Black Gate.
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