L. Austin Eventoos – (Entity) passing for human, he is a clone… maybe. His real name has been forgotten, but he calls himself the Legerian and nothing gets in the way of his ever-increasing collection of oddities.

Laejem Mulvan – (Vinthur) Nugar’s Grandson. He believes in the ancient ways as far as he can see them. He is a very capable fighter and a fearsome pilot, but he chooses his own skill over faith in the Stars.

Laydrun – (Vohlterran) a young soldier who longs to become a Dreadnaught.

Laylaria, Z’Gunok Viora – (Malgovi) Dungias’ mother. An Iro-Gellvi of high standing and reputation, unsure as to what to do with her shay-spawn son.

Liorr, Shudal Zal – (Malgovi) Team Lead of the mercenaries hired to capture Dungias and bring him back to the First Princess.

Llaz – (Terran) the youngest of ten children who was sold off by his siblings.

Lola Phandree – (Vohlbred) a Lieutenant in Hanvashi’s army.

Maradothia Chanyelle Primuson – (Vohlterran) the 2nd daughter and the 4th child of the Emperor. A student at Gungil College in the Galena Barony.

Marlene Kirkpatrick – (Truebreed) Agatha’s Gunner and best friend.

Measure – (Entity) aboard Kiaplyx, a Security Robot with a high level of AI programming.

MeJeal Viktor Endigun – (Truebreed) another clone and the only one to survive the self-destruct sequence in his genetic code. He is a Graduate of The Campus, trained as an EnervationisT and a Stone KeepeR.

Mel – (Terran) of the Maxworth Contingent. Crew name: Tank.

Murgon – (Vinthur) Warrior Supreme and escort to Bothrynn.

Narwyss, H’Dalvi Vior – (Malgovi) a highly respected Commander in the Malgovi Militia. He is also the First Prince’s mentor and a former Champion of the Games.

Nassadia Ina Tramull – (Vohlterran) a Lady of court, desired by Prince Valwonn, who has fallen for Princess Cynthali. She is not interested in MajiK so much as she is in Witchcraft.

Nes – (Entity) SEE Dier-Nesekor

Neve – (Entity) SEE Baron Nomed

Nielsen Feldspar – (Terran) thrill-seeker with better than average gun hand.

Nothan – (Darkbred) one of the Armed crew, he is a bounty-hunter bucking for prestige.

Novassa de Zretan – (Vohlbred) a very capable combatant, pilot, and Black Assassin.

Nugar – (Vinthur) a Master Traveler. He had risen through the ranks and been Kissed by the Stars. He feels led by their light and is not often wrong in what he perceives to be their direction.

Nulaki Conadier – (Fazbred) a gifted and highly motivated thief; The Black Scarab.
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