Idavara – (Malgovi) an assassin, trained by a would-be retired Malgovi Exemplar. The ‘I’ of Satithe.

Infernon – (Entity) master of the Realm of Living Fire, the incarnate representation of the element of fire.

Ionsurr Keben Tralden – (Vohlbred) Black Gate Gem Guildsman.

Isaac Vaktaggian – (Vohlterran) InvokeR.

Isaiah Deltré Gundryss – (Terran) Lieutenant Governor of Black Gate. A former Magistrate and officer of the IA.

Isak Dunrossi – (Vinthur) the First Preceptor of Castors who has a strong interest in Dungias. On behalf of the K’Dalkian Council, he takes charge of the effort to apprehend Dungias.

Isse – (Entity) wife to Zeu Rex and mother of his three children. Surrounded by power, she had to find her own niche and stands ready to assist her father in any way she can.

Jamille, Ganneo Nior – (Malgovi) though he is older than her, Jamille is Danatra’s student, her recruit for the Schatten-Kraythe. He looks at shay-spawn like weaker things that need caring for.

Jashana – (Vohlbred) Student of Ethadior, SorceresS, and a true believer in the Dark Pawns.

Jocasta Elise Endigun – (Truebreed) A young, eager and highly capable pirate/pilot.

Jorl’Lassor, Z’Gunok Gan – (Malgovi) an Imperial Landscapist and Dungias’ father. A Champion of the Games and unsure why his family has kept their shay-spawn child.

Jovasor Cole – (Terran) a newly-graduated doctor who believes himself to be an adventurer.

Jovis Kanthayar – (Terran) a former Chevalier turned devout of Xaythra.

Kaila Montrose – (Terran) a slave-girl waiting her turn at the auction. She is an assassin of Xaythra and has managed to slip her way into Freund’s mind.

Kanos Geem – (Terran) a Manchu of the Ruby Snake Order and as such, represents their objective to gather all of the great manuals and put a lock on the Martial Arts.

Kara Angeline Whitport – (Vohlbred) a student with Stewart Campbell.

Keffkyn, Thalshov Zil – (Malgovi) an Initiate of the Savanté who pays a very high price for speaking out of turn.

Kiaplyx – (Entity) not only the name of the ship, but the name of the sentient artificial intelligence that created Kiason (Ray-Ray) to protect its more significant systems.

Kiason – (Entity) also known as Ray-Ray, a Liquid-Metal bio-form that is part of the collective known as Kiaplyx.

Kinjass, Blaxidurn Gan – (Malgovi) a peer of Dungias’ that does not appreciate a shay-spawn sharing his world.

Kraygull K. Cavidon – (Vohlterran) a Sub-Private; deserter from the Imperial Army and on the run.

Kryltane Duvia – (Terran) a student at Atsildylweer College.

Kynsada – (Vinthur) within Starfire, Kynsada is easily Guyn’s best student. She is always eager to show her respect for those lessons in combat situations.

Kyonn – (*) An Orovian Prince that serves as a Chancellor under Nes.
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