Gantee, Z’Gunok Tel – (Malgovi) the youngest child born to the Z’Gunok name, and Dungias’ brother. Unlike Dungias, Gantee is very gifted in iro-manipulation.

Garanous – (Vinthur) Lord Castigator of the Savanté. He is a Castor and quite gifted with the Mental Arts. His sole purpose for being is to act as the enforcer for the Savanté, protecting its secrets.

G’Dalior Primuson - (Vohlterran) 1st son and 2nd child of the Emperor. He is also the Prince Regent.

G’Dalzee – (Vinthur) a Traveler and one of Nugar’s first students. He is one of the few to complete the training. He and Nugar remain very close friends. He believes in the Stars, but does not possess Nugar’s level of conviction and instead serves the K’Dalkian Council.

Gelborn Tull - (Terran) Callsign 'Cavern', lead instructor of the Star-Wing School.

Goneo – (Entity) a Security Robot that considers himself to be a taskmaster.

Gregoran Killington – (Terran) a High Priest of Xaythra. He would be happy to be one of those remembered for bringing an end to the legend of Freund.

Griydor – (Malgovi) An Officer of the Mal-Vin, specifically the Shadow Corps, who was trained by the Founders but led an assault on The Campus and the Beta Forms.

Gulfrim Sylgarr - (Vohlterran) Ranking Counselor of the Emperor’s Council of the Mage. An incredibly powerful Caster.

Gura, Quy Ganna – (Malgovi) a participant of the Iro-Games and a highly skilled female.

Guyn – (Malgovi) as a shay-spawn, he was removed from family record (House Durkadi). He is the Exemplar for the Starfire Team of the Dwanstar Battle Group. He has been embraced by the Vinthur and is a Master of the Star-Stride.

Hanvashi Zoll – (Terran) a Baron who rules the Tau Upsilon System. He is the Fifth of Five of Xaythra’s servants and is, by far, her most favored.

Harnlo Gezonralking – (Terran) called Gez, he is a Bladesman-Assassin who travels around with Vynko.

Harold Lornington – (Truebreed) an Ardrian Marine wash-out turned Ship’s Crewman turned mercenary and Powered-Armour Pilot. Was on his way to becoming a drifter when he met Professor O’Zhar.

Hennix – (Terran) a former soldier of the Garnet Barony, dishonorable discharge. Crew name: Right Spike.

Hulvidon Marnsai – (Vohlbred) an EnervationisT, specializing in Sonics, who is a powerful merchant and a force in the Terran Triangle.

Hunro “Soft Bone” Junthan – (Darkbred) Gunner’s Mate aboard the pirate vessel, Akonsha Star.

Hynay – (Malgovi) an assassin, trained by a would-be retired Malgovi Exemplar. The ‘H’ of Satithe.
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