Characters E-F
Edwarn Chesney – (Terran) a Gallant assigned to Shanvah.

Ejdren O’Gruu – (Athun) Battle Pack Leader who is more than comfortable with combat.

Enbree – (Malgovi) an assassin, trained by a would-be retired Malgovi Exemplar. The ‘E’ of Satithe.

Ephaliun “Dugger” T’Moojhun – (Terran) a very eager young man who is first tutored by Nulaki but comes to trust in Z’s teachings.

Ernestan Jethyn Geelmus – (Terran) a Star Gaper who has promised himself to the service of the Third Prince.

Errol Domire – (Truebreed) washed out of the same recruit class with Harold Lornington.

Erzon Hambrill – (Vohlbred) Guardian to Caster Isaac Vaktaggian.

Falco Sylgarr – (Vohlterran) a Northern Temple Chevalier of very good standing with the Dulsakian Temple.

Fayja – (Vohlbred) a forced attendant of Prince Valwonn’s bed chambers.

Felru Kallbren – (Vohlbred) High-End Fixer associated with the White Spike Syndicate Organization.

Felrus, Chaysor Zel – (Malgovi) a member of the Schatten-Kraythe who has managed to get on as a Warrior at the MarrZo Estate.

Fidriss Mathari – (Vohlbred) a high-ranking member of the Black Purse Syndicate.

Flavicia – (Entity) in the wake of Elder’s departure, she and Berylon were made to be the guardians of the gateway to The Campus and the keepers of the Radients.

Forenzia Cortez – (Terran) Martial Arts Shifu at the Tam Bridge Academy.

Freund – (Entity) once a powerful Wizard, Rendell Harrison would come to be known as Freund. He was tasked with the protection of humanity. In an effort to make good on that, he embraced MystiK and removed his own eyes, constructing his daughter around them (Isse). He has been manipulating events in human development ever since.