C’Zaddrus Ginnolio – (Terran) A student of Ethadior with leanings toward becoming a DreamCasteR.

CK – (Entity) an interactive artificial intelligence that serves as the security protocols for Satithe. He is modeled after the perspective of Beta-JoBe.

Casdan Quazeki – (Vohlterran) Rank of Count and Minister of Affairs for the Imperial Throne.

Ceden, Blaxidurn Gan – (Malgovi) father of Kinjass. An especially proud Malgovi now that the family no longer has the stain of a shay-spawn in the household.

Cenkal – (Vinthur) a Mind Castor in the service of Isak Dunrossi tasked with the job of invading the mind of a Master Traveler.

Char-Chang – (Entity) a low-level tech support Pod-Bot that becomes Dungias’ pit-fighting manager while he is on Kiaplyx.

Cilrus Cliye – (Terran) Escaped gladiator, the middle man of Gilgamesh. Crew name: CeCe.

Coletta Sylgarr – (Vohlterran) Sister to Falco and daughter to Gulfrim.

Condell Perth – (Terran) The Governor of Black Gate. An 'Upyri', getting his power from drinking enchanted blood. He prefers DerFae blood when he can get it.

Constantia Prenlaye – (Vohlterran) A reasonably talented InvokeR in training.

Constellea – (Entity) She is one of the leaders of Stars, often called the Chorus, and deals with many of the mortals who link with the stars.

Culn – (Terran) a supposed EnervationisT who found a seriously charmed Nexus Suit.

Cynthali Primuson – (Vohlterran) the First Born of the Primuson children, though she is not the heir.

Daevo Treece – (Vohlterran) a Spacer who turns to be an agent for the Empire.

Danatra, Z’Gunok Tella – (Malgovi) the first born of the Z’Gunok name and Dungias’ sister. An accomplished musician with recitals for the Royal Presence.

Danavyn Errol Veil – (Vohlbred) a Grandmaster Merchant & Corporate Mogul.

Darvuros – (BroSohnti) Stone King of the BroSohnti.

Desmar Toller – (Truebreed) a competing Facilitator known for being heavy handed.

Dier-Nesekor – (Entity) taking the name of Nes, he is the High Chancellor keeping the laws of the Astral Realm.

Dungias, Z’Gunok Tel – (Malgovi) the second born of the Z’Gunok name and shay-spawn, which means he is unable to generate iro. He is a devoted student of math, science, art, and history.

Dwatheem Thessare – (Vohlbred) a Master of the Bronze Sun order and the #1 student of a mistress whose Dojo Brother was the master of Nulaki.
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