Adelfa Cingree – (Athun) First Sherar (spear) under Ejdren. She commands his ship when he goes on away missions. She is loyal, but more loyal to the teachings of Nyx’Zynkor.

Adleon Veej – (Terran) A Gallant under Falco Sylgarr.

Agatha Tulrey – (Vohlbred) A pirate. She came to a bad turn over a man while in the Gulmar System and lost her ride and her fighter.

Aleesha Wohler – (Terran) Devout follower of Xaythra. She is the First of Five which means she was the first to be named to service and is the lowest of the 5-Tier Hierarchy. Her primary duties are to see to personnel and morale.

Amosse Jilchild – (Terran) Son of the Garnet Barony.

Angoro Figurehead – (Terran) a security guard at the warehouse where Stewart is kept. His real name is Francis Angoro Freeman and he is a gambler long-retired from the game with a marker on his head.

Anshuree – (Malgovi) with a personal score to settle with Dungias, Anshuree is an assassin, trained by a would-be retired Malgovi Exemplar. The ‘A’ of Satithe.

Annsura Flynnos – (Darkbred) a pit-fighter, born and bred. Her Pit Sister, Dayshe, was sold to make a point and Annsura didn’t take it well. Crew name: Cutter.

BaKedia, Galvasti Thunna – (Malgovi) the Queen of the Malgovi and therefore the ruler of both the Malgovi and the Vinthur. Her ability with the energies shows in that her hair has converted to crystal. She is the granddaughter of the noted Asaldryn.

Bantar – (Vohlterran) He and his sister Jossi are the only survivors of an attack from their father (Sholdren Forsetta) who suffered from induced dementia. Crew name: Spectre.

Baron Nomed – (Entity) a fallen member of the Maior Nathu. After his defeat at Sol, he abandoned his form and became Neve, the Anti-Life.

Baron Zoll – (Terran) SEE Hanvashi Zoll

Benshov Trellik – (Tohgrunn) a young warrior, caught behind enemy lines on his very first ship-to-ship deployment.

Beta Forms – (Entities) identical copies of the Founders, possessing their powers and skills as well as the knowledge that they are copies.
          BJ – Beta-JoBe, a Beta Form that takes a liking to Dungias. Unlike the other Beta Forms, BJ
                    exercises initiative whenever the moment suits him.
          Beta-Alphexeous – a Beta Form modeled after the notorious Soul Fighter and Black Assassin.
          Beta-Arrjeeh – [pronounced ARE-Jay] a Beta Form modeled after the Stone Mage.
          Beta-Chiaro – modeled after the Light Priest and one-time Polaris Corpsman.
          Beta-Elder – modeled after the mysterious living energy life-form created by Zeu Rex.
          Beta-Nexeous – modeled after the Grandmaster of Dragon.
          Beta-Zeu Rex – modeled after the noted warrior, wizard, engineer and enervationist.

Berylon – (Entity) a Radient (a life-form composed of living light) making his home inside Nugar’s domicile. He is called Sai-Eg by Dungias.

Borsidia – (*) a Prel’Dethiak female and a very vocal Court Chancellor of the Astral Realm.

Borsuth – (Terran) Orphan of the Onyx Barony.

Bothrynn – (Vinthur) a High Judge of the Sacred Osur. Holding the lead post of all Vinthur Warriors, Bothrynn is revered. He may serve the Sacred Osur, but he is not yet one of them.

Bralgeer – (BroSohnti) a champion warrior, definitely the best of the best.

Broggyn – (Terran) a Vohlbred warrior whose owner couldn't afford the costs of the Gladiatorial Games and released him.

Bruthym, Dregg Gryn – (Malgovi) an Exemplar of the Shadow Corps and a good friend to Griydor. He was not in favor of the attack on The Campus.

Brutum – (Darkbred) Mutant. Shape-Shifter limited to animal forms.

Bruveia Zell – (Terran) Citizen of the Pearl Barony. Crew name: Southpaw.

Brykan Toori – (Athun) the Elder Blade and Advisor for the Athun ship, Gloro.

Brymm, Falgoros Xaix – (Malgovi) an Iro-Gellvu of high renown. He is a Mentor, specializing in the training of Iro-Gell applicants.

B’Wuldier Pworth – (Tohgrunn) the self-proclaimed master of cafeteria table Bouryn-7 aboard Kiaplyx. A very capable fighter.

Byrvan Twell – (Vohlbred) a student at the Tam Bridge Academy where Stewart Campbell studies.
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