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In Starblazer: Through the Black Gate (Book One of the Beyond the Outer Rim series), we met JoJo Starblazer – a self-styled pirate and very gifted pilot. Now, in her quest to captain a pirate ship, she decides that she just might need a pirate crew. Even in the Rims beggars can’t be choosers and JoJo, along with her First Mate Dungias, grant freedom to a group of wayward souls imprisoned in a Slaver’s Den.

After a few engagements with members of the Inner Rim affluent class, the Xara-Mansura makes port at the infamous Black Gate Station, the portcullis to the Prism Baronies – a pocket dimension where the laws of the Rims are not upheld. Here they have their own system for doing things, and there are new waters for JoJo to navigate. But she is in search of something that was taken from her – something for which she will lay siege upon the gates of heaven to get back. Even though Sky Stone, the fabled academy of the Star-Wing Corps, may indeed be of great interest to her, she must first set right the wrongs she and her ship have weathered… No matter the cost.