In the prelude to the series, we met Dungias as he became the Star Chaser – forever changing his world and receiving a quest to travel to a distant system and save the progeny of the Founders.

Venturing to the Rims, Dungias encounters new races, new cultures, and a self-styled adventurer by the name of JoJo Starblazer. A brilliant and daring pilot, this pirate seeks her freedom from the constraints of the Inner Rim Empire, the Middle Rim corporations, and the Outer Rim races of legend.

With only her skill, her savvy, and one dedicated First Mate, she seeks to find her niche in the Cosmos...

Even if she has to cut it out first!
The Traveler came to the Rims, continuing a Star Quest to do for humanity what the Founders had done for his people. But there is only so much an outsider can achieve – humans, after all, will only follow another human. So, with the assistance of fate, Dungias came into the service of Jocasta Elise Endigun, called JoJo Starblazer. A highly capable pilot and eager pirate, she began to build her crew around her highly knowledgeable First Mate, Chief Engineer, mentor, and friend.

At Black Gate, the doorway into the Territories, Captain Starblazer waged her skills and her crew against those who yearned for her death and the destruction of the Xara-Mansura. In the end she stood victorious against their aims… but at what price?! A vital piece of her machine is missing, and she will go through hell to get it back.

But before her journey can begin, the forces controlling – or trying to control – the Rims must make their play. Here, in this prelude to Starflight: The Prism Baronies, Book Two of the BEYOND THE OUTER RIM SERIES, other players begin to make their moves as a stimulus or a response to the presence and actions of the Commander of the Xara-Mansura. There is a darkness moving throughout the Rims, and not even the deities can see it. What happens when the gods are reminded of fear?
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